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Webinar 3 - Overview

Customer Experience Automation and Conversational AI


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Today’s on-demand digital economy has put customers firmly in the driver’s seat. Now, more than ever, your customers expect rapid issue resolution and seamless conversations when interacting with your brand. When deployed correctly, Conversational AI allows you to create more personalised customer experiences at scale, helping support the sales cycle and increase revenue. Here, we look at the ins and outs of Conversational AI, what it is, what it does and how it can benefit your business.

Conversational AI is continuing to evolve into a sophisticated technology that will soon be capable of detecting emotions and sentiment. As such, the case for including it as part of your customer experience technology stack is only going to grow.

The two webinar sessions will help you better understand the business case and value benefit for deploying conversational AI and customer experience automation solutions in your business. We will also be chatting to Arindam Roy – the Regional Manager for Africa – a global leader in Customer Experience Automation and Conversational AI solutions.

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The big picture and how to get started with a digital transformation journey


With specialist who understand the value benefit of customer experience automation


Solutions and frameworks to help you start implementing conversational AI solutions

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What You Will Learn

conversational ai

This is the first of two webinars focused on Customer Experience Automation & Conversational AI.  In this webinar session, you will learn more about:

Our Speakers

Our main presenter and host is Alistair Gordon from Smart Business Solutions.  Alistair is a Business Development Specialist who works with business owners, entrepreneurs and SMEs to help them start, manage, grow and scale a VALUABLE business.  Smart Business Solutions is the local South African partner for – a global leader in Customer Experience Automation and Conversational AISmart Business Solutions assists South African company’s to understand and leverage the benefits that Conversational AI solutions offer SMEs through our partnership with a global leader in Customer Experience Automation.

arindam roy

Arindam Roy


Position: Regional Manager – Africa

Arindam represents as their regional manager for Africa and brings with him a wealth of knowledge across sales, product and account management and information technology.  He has worked in both India and Africa for numerous global companies including Cisco, Oracle and Ameyo.

Arindam has experience across a broad range of industry verticals along with Chatbot and other technology solutions.  Arindam has joined the team to lead the launch of value offering into the African and South African market.

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