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Why Your Business Needs A Business Operating System


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One of the hottest terms in technology today is “Digital Transformation”.  It sounds slick, but it’s actually a very important concept that small to medium sized businesses need to understand if you are to leverage the full value offering of digital transformation to grow and scale a VALUABLE business.

To succeed in a competitive and challenging market, SMEs must find fresh ways to innovate, increase efficiency and deliver better value to customers.  The pandemic has driven the adoption of digital solutions which are helping to improve processes and productivity in industries as diverse as manufacturing, gaming, transport and healthcare.  However, overall, SMEs are lagging behind large businesses on the digital journey and further delays threaten to undermine flexibility, resilience and performance.

The two webinar sessions will help you better understand the business case and value benefit for digital transformation in your SME and the benefits of building a business operating system. We will also be chatting Andrew Bourne – the Regional Manager for ZOHO Africa regarding the ZOHO One business operating system – a game changer for any business.

Why Attend


The big picture and how to get started with a digital transformation journey


With specialist who understand the value benefit of business operating systems


Solutions and frameworks to help you start implementing a business operating system

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What You Will Learn

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This is the first of two webinars focused on Why Your Business Needs A Business Operating System.  In this webinar session, we will be looking at:

Our Speakers

Our main presenter and host is Alistair Gordon from Smart Business Solutions.  Alistair is a Business Development Specialist who works with business owners, entrepreneurs and SMEs to help them start, manage, grow and scale a VALUABLE business.  Smart Business Solutions is a local ZOHO Consulting Partner and understands the process of building a business operating system for SMEs. 

Andrew Bourne

Andrew Bourne

Company: ZOHO Corporation

Position: Regional Manager – Africa

Andrew is Zoho’s Regional Manager for the Africa region, and the Executive Director of the Zoho South African entity.  He has more than 15 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, and over the years has been extensively researching, testing and implementing various business technologies.

Since 2019 Andrew has been advising businesses and organisations of all sizes on digitisation strategy and digital transformation.  He is very passionate about technology and has exceptional insight into the business world.

Outside of work, he enjoys hiking, tennis, golf and wakeboarding.

Fun fact: Andrew is a former professional athlete and represented South Africa in the sport of wakeboarding for many years.

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