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Building A Business That Can Operate Without You


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Scale Your Business By Building A Process Dependent Business

As business owners, we all have this dream of building a profitable business that works without us, yet most business owners end up getting trapped in their businesses instead. You cannot step away for more than a day or two. You have built a machine that depends upon you and now you are stuck. How did you end up here? Why are you stuck? And more importantly… how do you break free?

The answer is simple… but it’s easier said than done. You must remove yourself from the day-to-day operations. You must learn to clone yourself and your best team members so that the business can scale without single person dependency. You must evolve from being an employee of a business you own – to a business owner. The solution to the problem is the development of your business systems. That is, the non-urgent but extremely important, detail orientated task of extracting, organising and optimising how your business functions.

The two webinar sessions will help you better understand the how to get started and share more information about the exciting launch of our SYSTEMology 3-month intensive which will help you not only learn how to document your business processes, but will also help you document your Critical Business Processes.

Why Attend


The big picture and how to get started with a digital transformation journey


With specialist who understand the value benefit of systemising business processes


Solutions and frameworks to help you start systemising your business processes

who should attend

This webinar is free to attend.  If you have colleagues and business acquaintances who would benefit from this helpful event, you are welcome to share this event.

What You Will Learn


This is the first of two webinars focused on Building a Business That Can Operate Without You.  In this webinar session, you will learn more about:

Our Speaker

Our main presenter and host is Alistair Gordon from Smart Business Solutions.  Alistair is a Business Development Specialist who works with business owners, entrepreneurs and SMEs to help them start, manage, grow and scale a VALUABLE business.  Smart Business Solutions is a registered SYSTEMologist – the first in South Africa – and provides business owners and entrepreneurs the ability to build a business that operates without them by implementing the SYSTEMology systemisation methodology to standardise and systemise business processes within an SME.

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